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John Habershon PhD FRSA

John founded Momentum Research to offer clients better ways to conduct research, using digital media. He has made nonverbal analysis part of his qualitative research.

He started his qualitative research career at Cooper Research and Marketing (CRAM), later becoming a director of Consensus Research International and a board director of TNS.

John has a long-standing involvement in the psychology of emotions, holding a PhD from Imperial College, London.

He is the author of an app and two ebooks on non-verbal communications and has had a number of papers published on facial coding in market research.

Ingrid Berglund MA

Ingrid trained in drama, first in her native Sweden and then in London, developing expertise in facial expressions and body language.

She is an experienced qualitative researcher and facial coding analyst, drawing on her skills and experience in counselling and psychotherapy


Our panel of facial coders is comprised of qualitative research freelancers who have build up experience over time and trained using our app and iBook.


They are available as an additional resource to supplement our in-house coding on larger projects.


We have a rigorous system of quality control which ensures coding is checked and validated before being aggregated and turned into metrics.


There is a great deal of agreement between coders in identifying and categorizing the ten key emotions, but in some cases additional emotions are specifically added.


In instances where there is there is a question mark over classifying a particular emotion, this is flagged up and double-checked.


We can turn around a project, from fieldwork to output in one week in some cases. You will find we deliver results as quickly as conventional qualitative research.



You might chose one of our three methods, of capturing footage, or a combination. Because our manual facial coding can be applied to any video footage, we can offer complete flexibility.



Our combination of video clips, graphs and animated infographics can be delivered in conventional PowerPoint or as an interactive Adobe Acrobat file containing the video. If you prefer we can host the results on a secure web page for easy access.



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